Elizabeth Denton

Elizabeth-Denton-300pxSenior Scientist, Peptide Chemistry

Biotage LLC
Phone: +1 704 654 4845
E-mail: elizabeth.denton@biotage.com

Address: 10430 Harris Oaks Blvd., Suite C, Charlotte, NC 28269


Elizabeth Denton is the Peptide Application specialist for Biotage and handles all things peptide synthesis and workflow related, in addition to troubleshooting problematic syntheses. Elizabeth recently began her career at Biotage after working as a peptide scientist for a small biotech company.

Elizabeth earned a bachelors degree in Chemistry from Arizona State University and a Ph. D. in Chemistry from Yale University under the guidance of Prof. Alanna Schepartz. Throughout her thesis work, Elizabeth focused on projects in which peptides, containing both natural and unnatural amino acids, were designed to target and activate natural proteins.

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