Bob Bickler

Technical Specialist

Biotage LLC
Phone: +1 704 645 4833

Address: 10430 Harris Oaks Blvd., Suite C, Charlotte, NC 28269


Bob is the Technical Specialist at Biotage for flash purification products.  He has 38 years of chromatography experience, 16 of which have come while working at Biotage.  In his previous role as Product Manager, Bob helped design and develop numerous products including Biotage® SNAP cartridges and the Isolera™ Flash chromatography product portfolio.

Bob earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in chemistry at Montclair State University and has worked in applications development, technical support, and product design/development at Whatman, YMC, and Waters prior to joining Biotage.

In 1999, Bob started his career with Biotage helping develop and test the Quad3 parallel flash purification system and the Flash+ cartridges used with the Quad3. In 2002 Bob was promoted to product manager for flash purification systems and cartridges and in 2012 assumed the new role of Technical Specialist.

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