Using TLC to Scout Flash Chromatography Solvents

TLC is the tool most used for normal-phase flash chromatography method development. For many chemists, a solvent system of hexane (or heptane) + ethyl acetate is the first, and sometimes only, solvent system evaluated. Though often useful, ethyl acetate may not always provide the optimal purification conditions.

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Bob Bickler

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3 thoughts on “Using TLC to Scout Flash Chromatography Solvents”

  1. Thanks for your useful posts!
    Please ask: Can I use Normal phase TLC to develop reverse phase flash column chromatography ?

    1. Hi Nguyen,

      Thank you for your question regarding the use of normal-phase TLC for reversed-phase flash chromatography. Because the chemicals used (solvents and stationary phase) are so different depending on whether normal- or reversed-phase is used it is not possible to use normal-phase TLC for reversed-phase method development.

      Hope this answers your question,


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