How can I rapidly remediate THC from CBD in my hemp extract using flash column chromatography?

Tetrahydrocannabinol, aka THC, is a hallucinogen found in cannabis and, to a lesser degree, in hemp.  Though THC is legal in some locations in the US and Canada, there is a growing market for its non-hallucinogenic cousin, cannabidiol (CBD), which has purported medical benefits.

The problem with isolating CBD from cannabis and hemp is contamination from THC, which is typically present at a moderate to high percentage. In this post, I will provide some insight into rapidly purifying CBD to remove THC.

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Bob Bickler

Technical Specialist, Biotage

6 thoughts on “How can I rapidly remediate THC from CBD in my hemp extract using flash column chromatography?”

  1. Hello dears,

    We need separate machine which seperate THC from CBD (we are growing medicine cannabis). Can you offer companies that make this equipment?
    Our contact: +7 701 048 2828

    Kind regards,

  2. Bob,

    Great post and insight into your methods development. I like the fact you selected ethanol/water. For me I am very comfortable with ethanol recovery and recycling; easy to get permitted and tax exemption.

    Do you have any updates since August?


    1. Hi Greg,

      Step gradient method conditions will change depending on the extract complexity and targeted cannabinoid but I typically run 4CV with between 60-80% ethanol then jump to 100% for another 4CV. The linear gradient will start with 50-60% ethanol and rise to 100% over 10CV.


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