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UV Monitor Biotage® Flash 150/400

Fiber Optic UV Monitor Kit for Fraction Collection during Large Scale Purification

Flash 150 UV setup
Flash400 UV connection 416240SP Tablet for Flash 150/400 UV monitor 416239SP Flash 150 UV flowcell Flash 150/400 UV monitor and fiber optic cable

We’ve combined a robust, reliable UV (visible/ultraviolet absorbance) monitor with a specialized wireless tablet optimized for use in sensitive environments. The Biotage® UV Monitor kit features the latest in fiber optic technology and a powerful SW package for the most effective and flexible UV monitoring system for Biotage® Flash 150 and Biotage® Flash 400 purification systems.

Designed for Biotage Industrial Flash Purification, containing innovative technology, including one of the smallest UV monitors in the industry, this kit is available for Biotage® Flash 150, or Biotage Flash 400 systems or as an upgrade kit to Biotage Flash 400, if already installed on Biotage® Flash 150 systems.


  • Increase confidence in fraction collection.
  • Improve fraction purity, reduce solvent usage, and reduce fraction volume evaporation.
  • Increased safety*; minimize handling of fractions containing HP-API’s.
  • Simple in-line system.
  • Easily retrofit to existing Biotage Flash 150 or Flash 400 production scale systems.
  • Comprehensive documentation package and audit trail support.


UV Monitor

  • Auto error check and calibration on start up.
  • Easily upgradeable and future proof.
  • Beam run data to supported display devices
  • LED read out (for simplified non-wireless configuration).

Flash 150/400 UV monitor and fiber optic cable

Flow Cell

  • Specialized for preparative flash purification applications, up to 10 L/min.
  • Built in an automatic flow splitting function.
  • Available in two sizes (for 0.25 inch and 0.5 inch Biotage Flash System tubing), each flow cell has an adjustable path length (0.5, 1.25, 2 mm).
  • Comes with materials certificates.


Tablet/Control Software

  • Automatic detection of connected UV monitor.
  • Storage of device-specific information (important for Good Laboratory Practice and Instrument Qualification).
  • Supports remote monitoring and changing of wavelength.
  • Additional acquisition data controls.
  • Automatic and current diagnosis of the device.
  • Audit trail and save data files securely.
  • ATEX Class II/22.

ATEX tablet

*Normal ATEX risk assessment applies. The detector should not be kept in the same environment as the Flash system. The flow cell has no electrical supply.   Supplied as standard, this kit contains fiber optic cables that support compliance, to site the monitor further away, in a separate environment to the flash system. Longer fiber optic cables are also available as optional accessories. If the monitor is to be kept in the immediate environment as the Flash System, an ATEX classed enclosure should be used.