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TurboVap® Classic II

Automated Evaporation System for Dependable Results

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This product was withdrawn on January 1st 2018.

TurboVap® II Concentration Evaporator Workstation is a microprocessor-controlled concentrator used for sample preparation that provides unattended, automated sample evaporation. The six position evaporation systems uses a patented gas vortex shearing action and optical sensors to provide fast and efficient evaporation of organic solvents.

TurboVap® II increases the capacity and sample throughput in laboratories, eliminates concentration bottlenecks and maintains quality and lower costs. This instrument has 6 sample positions and enables the user to evaporate to solid state or concentrate into a fixed end-point volume. The small footprint of TurboVap® II makes it the ideal choice in today\'s laboratories. It takes up only a fraction of the bench space used by conventional rotary evaporators and can even be used outside a fume cupboard by using the integral vent tube.

Units may be configured to accommodate either 50 mL or 200 mL glassware with either 0.5 mL or 1.0 mL endpoint stems. TurboVap® II Evaporation System efficiently concentrates samples prior to analysis by LC/MS or other analytical instruments. Optical sensors automatically stop gas flow when evaporation has reached its end-point, thereby eliminating the risk of drying and loss of volatile compounds. TurboVap II is suitable for evaporation of large volumes after liquid-liquid extractions. TurboVap II is available in a Dionex ASE compatible setup which accommodate the use of six 40 mL stemmed and graduated Dionex ASE tubes. Upgrade kits are also available for converting your old TurboVap II.


  • Proven equivalency with EPA methods 
  • Patented vortex shearing technology
  • Patented sensor endpoint detection – no monitoring required 
  • Unattended operation for 1-6 samples 
  • Controlled water bath is adjustable from ambient to 90 °C 
  • Operators are free to perform other tasks while evaporation is running
  • User friendly displays and diagnostics 
  • Convenient bench top size—no hood space required


  • Pharmaceutical biotech compounds 
  • Clinical samples 
  • Environmental samples 
  • Forensic and crime samples 
  • Drugs of abuse samples
  • Food and beverage analysis 
  • Agrochemical samples