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TurboVap® 96

Automated Evaporation System

C103264 C103264

The TurboVap® 96 was withdrawn on July 22nd 2019

Please contact us to discuss alternative products or why not check out Biotage® SPE Dry

TurboVap® 96 Concentration Evaporator Workstation is a microprocessor-controlled evaporation system for simultaneous, automated concentration of multiple samples with unattended operation, convenience and speed. It can accommodate one or two 96-well microplates or deep well plates.

TurboVap® 96 Concentration Workstation is a high speed concentrator designed to work with 96-well microplates and deep-well plates. It is an efficient alternative to the constant monitoring and long evaporation times that are characteristic of conventional techniques—with the added bonus of unattended operation. The evaporation process is driven by Biotage’s patented gas-vortex action, further enhanced by a temperature controlled environment and adjustable gas flow rates. This combination saves time, bench space and operating costs while improving the evaporation speed and sample-to-sample consistency.


TurboVap® 96 has two independent compartments that accommodate 1 mL or 2 mL standard or deep well plates. Each compartment has independent control of gas flow and temperature. The flow rate of the gas is determined by the volume of solvent in the plate and the temperature values can be set with the help of an evaporation guide supplied. Nozzles are easy to clean and require minimal maintenance. In genomic and proteomic applications, the evaporation of DMSO from plates is a common application. As is drying HPLC aqueous solvent mixtures of methanol or acetonitrile. TurboVap® 96 complements automated 96-well SPE workstations that are widely used for drugs of abuse determination and other pharmaceutical SPE methods.


  • Holds two standard microplates or deep-well plates
  • Individual plate control for gas flow, temperature and timed endpoint
  • Touch Pad Control panel retains the previous settings for faster start-ups
  • TFA, DMSO and DMF compatible
  • Patented gas vortex technology keeps the needles away from the solvent eliminating carry-over concerns
  • Improved safety with automatic gas, time and pressure shutoffs
  • No hood space required