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Semi-Automated Synthesizer for Single Peptides SAP

This product was withdrawn on December 1st 2014.


SAP is a semi-automated peptide synthesis system that is designed for the synthesis of single peptides.

Single Peptide

SAP is a semi-automated peptide synthesizer ideal for the synthesis of single peptides, operated using an external controller. The synthesis is performed in a glass reaction vessel with glass frit with a scale that can be varied from 0.5–20 mmol. Seven individual solvents and reagents can be pumped into the reaction flask via an eight-way valve (right). A digital syringe pump provides accurate dispensing of reagents. The sprinkler head is specially constructed to allow splash-free addition of the reagents, spraying of the wash solvent and also cleaning of the flask. The variable shaker guarantees homogeneous mixing of the reactants.

The synthesis is performed in a glass reaction vessel with glass frit and the scale can be varied from 0.5-15 mmol. Seven different solvents and reagents can be pumped into the reaction flask via an eight-way valve. A digital syringe pump provides accurate dispensing of reagents. The sprinkler head is specially constructed to allow splash-free addition of the reagents and spraying of the wash solvent and also cleaning of the flask. The infinitely variable shaker guarantees a homogeneous mixing of the reactants. The SAP is controlled through an external controller. The controller is equipped with an LCD display with 40 x 16 characters and six function keys. This is used not only for single commands (FILL, REACT, EMPTY…) but for the creation and execution of complex programs. The controller is easy to use and can store 10-programs each with up to 20-steps.

Flexibility and User-friendliness

All important system control functions can be used directly in manual mode without a long familiarization period with the complicated control software. Complex single step sequences are linked to a single key command. Complete syntheses-cycles can be processed automatically by linking up to 20 key commands to a program sequence. Ten of these individual programs can be saved on the SAP and remain available to the user.


The SAP controller is equipped with an LCD display with 40 x 16 characters as well as six function keys. This is used for single commands and the creation and execution of complex programs.


  • Compact footprint
  • Cost-effective
  • Variable synthesis scales
  • Digital syringe pumps enable precise

System Components

  • Unit with diluter and integrated 8-way valve 
  • Controller
  • Shaker 30-300 rpm
  • Liquid sensor
  • Sprinkler head
  • Reaction vessel
  • Vacuum-Pump ME2C
  • 10 L waste bottle


  • Start up screen
  • General function keys
  • System settings
  • Programming menu
  • Menu for manual operation

Optional Accessories

  • Glass reactors with glass frit