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Metal Scavenging Screening Kits

Simple kits help deal with today's impurity challenges

Biotage Metal Scavenging Tool Kits
metal scavenger table metal scavenger scheme 2 Metal-Screening-Columns-family-K-MS-3 Metal Screening Columns family2 K-MS-3 Metal Screening Columns family on gravity rack K-MS-3 K-MS-3 K-MS-2 9536-0010 801506 9180-0010 9538-0003 9495-0010 K-MS-2

Biotage® Metal Scavenging Screening Toolkits are essential tools that enable quick and efficient identification of candidate metal scavengers for an application.  Containing our most popular metal scavengers, with protocols for screening and scale up, whether working with batch stirring workflows or flow through cartridge options in fixed bed formats, these all in one kits are the best starting place for the optimum result.


Metal Scavenging Screening Tool Kit

Biotage metal scavengers are available in loose powder form, which can be added and stirred into batchreactions. Alternatively they can be packed into column formats for flow through applications. In order to help determine optimal scavenging conditions, convenient metal screening kits are available, featuring the market leading bound TMTs and the workhorse Si-Thiol metal scavengers, as well as some specific to basic and acidic products. The kits comes with full instructions and protocols for screening, development and scale-up, and all scavengers are supplied ready to use, straight out of the box.

Which Kit is Right for Me and What do They Include? – 2 kit options

K-MS-2 – Loose Powder Based Kit

Flexible, supports multi-variable development work, useful if there is small quantity of product available, best when final process is batch stir, and ‘add-stir-filter’ is the workflow. Flexible and reliable, can process hundreds of kg of API product.

  • 1 x 10 g Si Thiol
  • 1 x 3 g ISOLUTE® Si-TMT
  • 1 x 3 g Biotage® MP-TMT
  • 1 x 10 g ISOLUTE® SCX-2
  • 1 x 10 g ISOLUTE® Si-Trisamine
  • 5 x 500 mg/6 mL ISOLUTE® Si-TMT (1 sampler pack)




K-MS-3 – Pre-packed SPE Cartridges Kit

Useful for when the final scale-up situation demands a cartridge format or convenience of pre-packed screening cartridges is desired. We can work with you to determine a large format cartridge up to 50 kg, sufficient for processing up to hundreds of kg of final product.

  • 5 x 1g/15mL SPE cartridge Biotage® MP-TMT
  • 5 x 1g/15mL SPE cartridge ISOLUTE® Si-TMT
  • 5 x 1g/15mL SPE cartridge ISOLUTE® Si-Thiol
  • 5 x 1g/15mL SPE cartridge ISOLUTE® Si-Trisamine
  • 5 x 1g/15mL SPE cartridge ISOLUTE® SCX-2


Further Information

  • Incorporating the industry leading universal metal scavenger, Biotage® MP-TMT
  • Higher metal affinity – low Kd(Pd) relative to API Kd(Pd) – excellent metal scavenging
  • Fast kinetics / filtration at room temperature – enhanced by heating
  • Diverse solid supports – silica and polystyrene backbones
  • Work Flow Compatible – generic, use in diverse conditions
  • Minimal loss of API – less / no non-specific binding
  • Higher purity of final product – no leachables
  • Short development time – faster method optimization
  • Shelf-Life and Stability
  • Mechanically robust, and may be stirred vigorously without breakdown
  • Bioanalytical grade silica
  • Can be added in batch processes and stirred
  • Optimum flow characteristics as fixed beds
  • May be stored in closed containers at RT, or longer term in a cool dry (4 °C) environment.

It is always advisable to screen a variety of different scavengers in any early development program. For further details, case studies and example protocols, please see the Metal Scavenger User Guide (UI317).

The mode of operation is very simple with wide solvent compatibility and specific reactivity, and metal scavengers impose very little constraint or stress on typical workflows. Biotage metal scavengers are designed to be added, stirred and filtered, leaving pure products in the solution. This step-wise approach significantly reduces the traditional metal removal processing burden.

Made for Process

Biotage metal scavengers are made in an ISO9001:2008 compliant manufacturing facility and have served GMP pharmaceutical, drug discovery and fine chemical industries for many years. Each material is batch and lot controlled, with benefits of full traceability. The metal scavengers are industry proven and supported by a comprehensive regulatory qualification support package incorporating:

  • Certificate of Analysis
  • Extractables
  • Chemical loading
  • Lot information
  • Batch identity
  • MSDS
  • BSE/TSE statement
  • Full Instructions and Suggestions for Use


ISOLUTE® Si-Thiol (typically 1.3 mmol/g)

ISOLUTE Si-Thiol is the silica-bond equivalent of 1-propanethiol, which is useful for covalent scavenging of electrophiles. The main application is the use to scavenge a variety of metals used in organic chemistry including Pd, Pt, Cu, Hg, Ag and Pb.




ISOLUTE® Si-TMT (typically 0.3 mmol/g)

ISOLUTE Si-TMT is the silica bound equivalent of 2,4,6-trimercaptotriazine (TMT). Si-TMT has been shown to efficiently scavenge residual palladium from palladium-catalyzed reactions.




ISOLUTE® Si-Trisamine (typically 1.6 mmol/g)

ISOLUTE® Si-Trisamine is a silica bound propyltris(2-aminoethyl)-amine. Si-Trisamine is a very powerful scavenger of electrophiles from aqueous or organic solutions as well as an effective scavenger for transition metals (+II oxidation states).





Biotage® MP-TMT (typically 0.66 mmol/g)

MP-TMT is a macroporous polystyrene-bound trimercaptotriazine, a resin bound equivalent of 2,4,6-trimercaptotriazine (TMT). MP-TMT scavengers residual palladium from palladium catalyzed reactions and has also shown to remove other metals. The MP-base copolymer has been redesigned to yield a more robust, low swelling material, which makes it ideal for restricted volume environments. Its unique pore structure provides greater access to the reactive sites resulting in faster reactions and higher recoveries.




ISOLUTE® SCX-2 (Si-Propylsulfonic Acid) (typically 0.66 mmol/g)

ISOLUTE® SCX-2 belongs to a class of strong supported acids. As a bound sulfonic acid, it has a natural propensity to bind alkali and some transition metal group metals, which means that it can be used as a scavenger for metals with a +I or +II oxidation state, such as Na, K, Li, also Pd, Rh, and Ru. Since SCX-2 is acidic in nature, it is typically used as a metal scavenger when the target product is not basic, to avoid the obvious acid/base product binding interactions with the scavenger.



Committed to preserving our shared environment – further details available on request.

Can be used in processes in compliance with cGMP standards.

Manufacture of consumables is accredited by the world renowned British Standards Institute.

Flexible supply chains, back up manufacturing and warehousing ensures supply risk reduction

Can be used in processes in compliance with GLP standards.

Products which are scaleable from lab or development to process scale.

Long to indefinite product shelf life, reduced process risk.

Supports pharma guidelines for reducing elemental impurities in APIs.

Further extractable information provided on request.

Raw materials certified free of materials of human or animal origin.

Chemical substances used in our manufacturing process do not require registration.

Able to withstand mechanical stirring and heating under normal reaction conditions.

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