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ISOLUTE® PPT+ Protein Precipitation Plates

Fast, Simple Protein Removal


Protein precipitation in the 96-well format, using filtration for protein removal, is a high throughput alternative to the traditional centrifugation based technique.

The optimised filtration system used in ISOLUTE® PPT+ plates provides an easy to automate solution for efficient protein removal from  biological fluid samples.

Sample preparation using ISOLUTE® PPT+ Protein Precipitation Plates is fast and simple. The optimized filtration system in ISOLUTE PPT+ plates provides an easy to automate solution for efficient protein removal. The procedure is streamlined,with no awkward off-line steps.

  • ‘Solvent first’methodology
  •  Eliminate cloudy extracts
  •  No well blockage
  •  No vortex mixing required
  •  Optimized for automation

Solvent first procedure maximised precipitation efficiency

The proprietary functionalized bottom frit holds up organic precipitation solvent while the plasma sample is added, maximizing contact time and giving the most efficient precipitation effect. No vortex mixing is required. The purified sample does not pass into the collection plate until vacuum is applied. 

 ISOLUTE PPT+ procedure

Depth filter eliminates well blocking

Unlike membrane based devices, the system has an optimized porosity distribution and acts as a depth filter, holding up the precipitated protein without well blockage.

Rapid, non-selective clean-up

Using the ‘solvent first’methodology, ISOLUTE® PPT+ plates consistently produce clear filtrates. This reduces ion suppression and improves the accuracy of LC-MS/MS analysis compared to alternative protein precipitation procedures. Up to 96 samples containing acidic, basic or neutral drug compounds can be purified simultaneously in less than ten minutes.

Formats and processing

ISOLUTE PPT+ is available in both fixed well and versatile format 96-well plates. Both formats can be manually processed using the VacMaster™-96 Sample Processing Manifold. The simple procedure can be fully automated using 96-well liquid handling systems.

Refer to the product note TN130 Sample Preparation using ISOLUTE® PPT+ Protein Precipitation Plates for full methodology details.