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Isolera™ Spektra LS

Simply efficient: purify 1 g-150 g sample

Flash Purification System Isolera Spektra LS
Flash Purification System Isolera Spektra LS_Front Page Flash chromatography system Isolera LS flash purification system isolera ls with chemists

Biotage® Isolera LS is the definitive flash chromatography system for reliable scaling up from grams to multi, even hundred gram scale purification, using the industry standard original Isolera interface. Enjoy all of the sophisticated software features of laboratory scale systems in a robust instrument built for scale-up labs. Isolera Spektra LS adds an integrated pump assisted loading mechanism for larger samples, and a funnel rack collection option which allows samples to be collected in larger fraction collection vessels.

Isolera™ Spektra LS flash systems are automated purification systems designed to purify synthesis reaction mixtures, natural product extracts, and other organic compound mixtures from gram to multi-gram quantities.

Achieve up to 30% solvent savings with Gradient Optimization “GO”

Step-gradients can be short and powerful providing separations for one or more compounds but can be challenging to develop and optimize. Isolera Spektra provides gradient optimization through new, patent-pending TLC-to-Step Gradient technology. Using solvent and TLC Rf values, Isolera Spektra builds a gradient to separate all the compounds (up to 6) in the sample. This new technology will also provide cartridge selection guidance based on the cartridge loading capacity and purification speed. The step gradient can also be used to isolate a targeted compound reducing run time and solvent use further.

Improve fraction and compound purity with λ-All detection and PDA spectral analysis

New PDA scanning and λ-All technology detects any UV absorbing compound eluting from a flash cartridge while measuring and displaying each eluting compound’s individualUV spectrum. Combined with novel baseline rise correction,yield losses to improper wavelength selection and large fraction volumes are no longer a concern. The PDA spectra can be reviewed and used to determine fraction purity eliminating the need for post-flash purity analysis.

Elute complex samples with the Quatro-binary gradient

Use up to four solvents in a single gradient to easily purify samples with diverse polarity. With Quatro-binary gradient capability traditional binary gradients with a limited polarity range can be adjusted to elute very lipophilic and highly polar compounds within a single purification.Or compound solubility during the separation by adding a constant amount of a co-solvent, acid, or base with the Isolera advanced pump.

Maintain compound solubility with a ternary co-solvent

Isocratically pump a third solvent into any binary gradient to help maintain compound solubility eliminating potential over-pressure issues caused by precipitating compounds.

Enhance productivity with on-the-fly editing

Isolera™ methods can easily be edited either in front of the Isolera or from the comfort of your office. Edit the gradient (click & drag points AND segments), flow rate, collection volume, fraction wavelengths and modes, and add more collection racks if you need to – all while the run is in progress. Gradient changes can now be made with a simplified graphical interface or through a table layout.

Achieve superior purification with Biotage flash cartridges

The Isolera™ Spektra LS systems can use various styles including all Biotage® SNAP family and Biotage® Sfär, with bed masses from 50 to 1500 g.