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Isolera™ Prime

Advanced Automated Flash Purification


Isolera™ Prime is a value based system which recommends appropriate cartridges and calculates the best solvent conditions and gradients for your purifications. It has solvent pumps, automated fraction collection as standard and delivers much more than just the basics. Solvent use is minimized and advanced compound detection makes sure that your purified compound is delivered at the end of the run. 

Isolera™ Prime

Is the new standard in value-priced flash purification systems delivering a full range of features and time and cost-saving benefits. This flexible entry level system is upgradeable and grows with the needs of laboratories and universities where value is especially important. Isolera Prime is compatible with Biotage flash cartridges, including the new Biotage Sfär®.

The Isolera Prime is specifically designed for chemists needing an automated purification platform to increase productivity delivering high value and just the right features.

Superior Results with Biotage Flash Cartridges 

Forget the rule of thumb. Isolera Prime systems recommend the optimal cartridge for the sample. 


The entry level Isolera™ Prime delivers more than just the basics. Included as standard is a patented TLC-to-Gradient feature that eliminates method development guesswork and a solvent-saving gradient optimization function that reduces solvent use by up to 60%. Cost savings are further realized with use of the new high performing Biotage Sfär cartridges available in wide range of sizes. 


Isolera™ Prime performs at flow rates upto 100 mL/min with a pressure range up to 145 psi (10 bars).  The built-in UV detector (a choice of dual wavelength or fixed options exist) provide excellent detection for aromatic and conjugated organic compounds and can trigger fractionation using threshold, slope, or volume parameters.

Method Editing 

Isolera methods may be created in many different ways.For small samples without TLC, open a default method and press run. For solvent intensive or larger samples, use the simple TLC to flash-gradient conversion tool.

Change your mind? Methods can easily be edited either on the touch screen or remotely from the comfort of your office. Edit by table or drag and drop, change flow rate, collection volume, fraction wavelengths, modes or add more collection racks if you need to – all while the run is in progress.  You can also use up to four solvents in a single gradient to easily purify samples with diverse polarity. 


Isolera™ Prime can be upgraded and customized to any laboratory’s requirements with the addition of a range of accessories, including external dry-loading vessels, leak detector, fraction racks and cartridge holders.  Biotage also offers the widest range of flash cartridges for higher performance and scalability including the new Biotage® Sfär, industry-standard Biotage SNAP®, and gold Standard Sfär HC.

Enhance productivity with on-the-fly editing

Isolera methods can easily be edited either in front of the Isolera or from the comfort of your office. Edit the gradient (click & drag points AND segments), flow rate, collection volume, fraction wavelengths and modes, and add more collection racks if you need to – all while the run is in progress. Gradient changes can now be made with a simplified graphical interface or through a table layout.



  • Value based system with a full range of features
  • Solvent-saving Gradient Optimization can reduce solvent use up to 60% lowering system
  • Upgradeable and grows to your needs
  • 145 psi (10 bar) pressure capability enables both normal-phase and reversed-phase purification
  • Patented TLC-to-Gradient feature eliminates method development guessing and re-runs
  • Up to 100 mL/min flow rate to speed purification
  • Utilizes Biotage ZIP cartridges and high performance Biotage SNAP cartridges
  • Small footprint minimizes bench and hood space
  • Large 10.4 inch (26.4 cm) touchscreen with large buttons simplifies user interaction
  • Easy to use software enables fast method development
  • Two UV detector options to address different application needs
  • 4.8-L fraction capacity minimizes rack changes