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Advanced Polymeric SPE for Acidic, Basic and Neutral Analytes

Solid Phase Extraction Evolute CX 610-0050-cxg 610-0050-cxg 600-0003-AXG 600-0001-AXG

EVOLUTE® EXPRESS Sample Preparation products provide robust, reliable SPE, giving ultra pure extracts and high analyte recoveries. Developed specifically for analyte quantification by LC-MS/MS, EVOLUTE sorbents provide a highly effective solution to the problems of ion suppression and matrix effects.

Eliminate conditioning and equilibration with EVOLUTE EXPRESS load-wash-elute SPE

EVOLUTE® ABN is a modified PS-DVB polymeric SPE phase for extraction of acidic, basic and neutral analytes.  It's unique modified surface structure is water-wettable to promote robust, reliable sample preparation. A balanced combination of polar (hydrophilic) and non-polar (hydrophobic) interactions allows efficient extraction of analytes of wide ranging polarity.  Available in a variety of formats, including modular and 96-well plates and SPE columns, EVOLUTE ABN is versatile and easy to use for applications ranging from drugs in biological fluids to pharmaceuticals in water. 

Figure 1. Structure of EVOLUTE ABN sorbent

EVOLUTE® ABN sorbent is available in EVOLUTE® EXPRESS 96-well plate and column formats for use with fast Load-Wash-Elute procedures.  Eliminate traditional conditioning and equilibration and increase throughput without compromising performance.





Ultra-Clean Extracts

EVOLUTE® sorbents have a narrow pore diameter, tailored to eliminate co-extraction of proteins from biofluids.  Removal of proteins during sample preparation avoids transfer in to the analytical system, reducing matrix effects in LC-MS/MS, and avoiding contamination of the analytical column.  This minimises the need for frequent backflushing and guard columns replacement.

Simple and fast method development

EVOLUTE® ABN uses a single generic procedure suitable for a wide range of analytes in aqueous matrices. Without secondary interactions, pure organic elution solvents can be used, reducing evaporation time and providing optimal LC-MS/MS compatibility, making the transfer to analysis more efficient.  See the EVOLUTE User Guide for a wealth of method optimisation information.

Excellent flow characteristics

EVOLUTE ABN’s narrow particle size distribution provides consistent flow characteristics for a variety of sample matrices. Optimized packing techniques eliminate channelling, which can lead to analyte breakthrough. 

Even viscous biofluids can be loaded onto EVOLUTE EXPRESS ABN products without the need for conditioning or equilibration, using fast load-wash-elute SPE.

Batch-to-batch reproducibility

The surface characteristics of every batch of EVOLUTE® ABN are quality controlled and tested to ensure consistency and reliability.


  • High, reproducible recoveries for acidic, basic and neutral analytes
  • Eliminate proteins from biofluid extracts, and minimise ion suppression
  • Fast simple generic methodology
  • Available in EVOLUTE EXPRESS SPE columns and plates for fast  Load-Wash-Elute procedures