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Biotage® V-10 Evaporator

No Longer Available

Biotage® V-10 solvent evaporation system dual pumps
Biotage® V-10 solvent evaporation system Carousel Biotage® V-10 solvent evaporation system close up v-10 evaporator vortex

This product is no longer available. Please see the new product V-10 Touch.

Material on this site is only available for reference.

Biotage® V-10 solvent evaporation system rapidly dries samples dissolved in both aqueous and organic solvents up to 20x faster than traditional rotary or centrifugal evaporators, leaving solvent-free product in the vial. This innovative vortex and vacuum evaporation technology was developed through collaboration with major pharmaceutical companies.

Rapid three-way drying

Evaporate samples up to 20x faster than traditional rotary or centrifugal evaporators using a patented combination of drying techniques, including high-speed vial rotation, uniform IR controlled heating, and vacuum drying. This unique system provides rapid evaporation of solvents with boiling points from 30 to 205 °C. Samples dried on a V-10 have little or no solvent residue to interfere with downstream analysis such as NMR.

Evaporation of high boiling solvents

The V-10’s high performance vacuum capability allows low temperature evaporation of high boiling solvents. Solvents include DMF, aqueous, aqueous/organic mixtures and even DMSO and NMP with the high vacuum pump option (see table 1).


BP (° C)

Biotage V-10






NMP 202 18 minutes N/A N/A
DMSO 180 15 minutes 180 minutes N/A
DMF 150 4 minutes 90 minutes N/A
Pyridine 115 5.5 minutes 70 minutes N/A
Water 100 9 minutes 140 minutes 240 minutes
Methanol 65 3 minutes 70 minutes 40 minutes
Cyclohexane 81 2.5 minutes 40 minutes 20 minutes

Table 1. Time to evaporate 8-mL of solvent at 40 ºC using Hi Boil method

Versatility and Automation

The versatility of Biotage® V-10 enables evaporation of single samples (up to 12 mL) or large pooled volumes using V-10 pumps (syringe or peristaltic). Adding the automated vial loading/changing carousel enables unattended evaporation of up to 16 samples. Using the V-10 Control Center software, integrate the system with a liquid handling robot. Combine multiple fractions/samples from different test tube racks and dry them into a single vial in one operation

Clean and safe evaporation

Bump-free vortex evaporation prevents sample loss while the system’s precise temperature control eliminates sample overheating. Maximize sample recovery with the V-10’s automatic, end-of-run detection.

Eliminate Reformatting

Compounds are dried directly in vial of choice. Tedious tasks such as sample transfers, handling and reformatting are minimized, increasing productivity in the lab.

Enhanced Green Chemistry

This environmentally friendly system captures up to 98% of solvent vapors.

Simple Operation

The system is operated via touchpad control or the via the Control Center software. On the base unit easy-to-use touchpad control directly provides pre-programmed and user-configurable methods for optimal drying conditions. The Control Center software provides simple simultaneous control of the V10 and the integrated liquid handler.

Compact Footprint

Localized key pad operation along with built-in, solvent-resistant vacuum pump and refrigerated condenser save valuable bench space.