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Biotage® SPE Dry

Microplate Sample Evaporation Systems

SD-9600-DHS-EU SD-9600-DHS-EU

Designed for high throughput laboratories, the Biotage® SPE Dry 96 and Biotage® SPE Dry 96 Dual Sample Concentrator Systems provide efficient solvent evaporation in microplate format and are compatible with 24-, 96- and 384-well collection plates. Heated gas flow from above and below the collection plate ensures efficient solvent evaporation.

Biotage® SPE Dry 96 and SPE Dry 96 Dual Sample Concentrators are suitable for evaporation of microplate samples across a broad range of formats. By delivering heated gas above and below each well, SPE Dry 96 systems dry samples quickly maintaining tight temperature control at user selected settings. Designed for high throughput sample processing, SPE Dry systems have simple front panel controls and use removable gas delivery assemblies for fast adjusting and cleaning.


  • Efficient evaporation through heated gas flow above and below collection plate 
  • Precise temperature control and gas flow with reproducible evaporation times 
  • Compact design  
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for 24-, 48-, 96- and 384-well microplates

Versatile formats

Biotage® SPE Dry is designed with novel technology and a simple interface to produce uniform and reproducable evaporation. The design has a small footprint to fit easily in the fume hood. The heating mechanism is designed to rapidly heat without overshooting the temperature, preventing degradation of temperature sensitive compounds. Standard SPE Dry 96 and SPE Dry 96 Dual systems are supplied with stainless steel needles. For high purity work, or applications that require particularly aggressive solvents, PTFE coated needles are available. Both needle types can be individually replaced should they become damaged or corroded. SPE Dry is available in single or dual format and adapts easily to 24-, 48-, 96-, and 384-well microplate formats.

Rapid Solvent Evaporation

Efficient solvent evaporation is facilitated by heated gas flow from above and below the plate(s). Optimum temperature and gas flow conditions are set by the user. Evaporation conditions for the upper and lower heads can be controlled independently.

Easy to Use

These easy to use systems have simple front panel controls for regulating gas temperature and flow rate. Valuable fume hood space is saved with the compact design.

Low Maintenance

The removable heads are easy to clean and can be sonicated as a whole unit. Removable needles are easy to replace.


SPE Dry 96 accommodates one microplate, while SPE Dry 96 Dual is a two-microplate system. The standard systems are supplied with stainless steel needles and are compatible with 24 and 96-well microplates. Higher density arrangements are also available for 384-well microplates. PTFE coated needle assemblies are available for use with aggressive solvents.