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Biotage® Sfär Silica

The ideal column for high quality in standard separations


Biotage® Sfär Silica is the ideal solution for standard separations that require a reliable normal phase media, with the high quality standard of Biotage.

Biotage Sfär Silica - 60 μm is the ideal solution for standard separations that require a reliable normal phase media, when you need better peak shape, sharpener elution bands, and an improved overall separation.

® is a pioneer in Flash Purification, in 1994 we were  the first manufacturer of pre-packed column for flash purification. Our history and knowledge goes back much further, starting in 1969, and ranging from analytical to organic chemistry, with reliability and high quality as standard over the years.

Sfär means “Sphere” in the Swedish mother tongue of Biotage , and it has been chosen as the name for our latest columns as they contain spherical silica. Spherical silica has many advantages, the most important being its higher surface area compared to irregular silica, which translates into higher loading capacities, tighter elution bands and purer fractions. Read more...

The Silica contained in the Sfär columns is of the highest quality, as you would expect from the pioneer of flash purification and pre-packed columns. Sfär columns are rigorously tested to ensure they meet stringent performance criteria, including efficiency and peak symmetry. Each CE-marked column is constructed using inert, food grade plastics for lower extractables, cleaner fractions, and packed to provide excellent resolution and to tolerate higher operating pressures (as high as 17 bar).