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Biotage® Mikro SPE Products

Solid Phase Extraction Microelution Plates

600-002-LVPc 600-002-LVPh 600-002-LVP-b

Biotage® Mikro SPE plates provide excellent sample clean up while enhancing manual or automated sample preparation workflow and delivering reproducible, high sensitivity analytical results.  Packed with 2 mg per well of wettable polymeric EVOLUTE® sorbents, for elution volumes as low as 20 µL.

Simple Sample Prep to Improve Analytical Sensitivity Without Extending Your Workflow? Find out more about Biotage® Mikro SPE Plates here.

Immediate Gains in Analyte Sensitivity

Biotage® Mikro products are designed with very low dead volumes in the extraction tips, meaning less elution solvent (typically 20-30 µL) is needed to recover the analytes. Elution in much smaller volumes means that you have a much higher analyte concentration in the eluent compared to standard format SPE, giving you immediate sensitivity improvements.

Enhanced Workflow

Combining reliable EVOLUTE® SPE sorbents with low elution volumes, Biotage® Mikro SPE plates allow you speed up your SPE by eliminating up to 3 of the steps required in traditional  SPE workflows, and deliver high analyte recoveries in less time. 
» Load-Wash-Elute SPE procedures eliminate  traditional conditioning and equilibration steps 
» Low elution volumes mean troublesome evaporation steps can be avoided

Microelution with the EVOLUTE® Advantage

Available packed with the full range of EVOLUTE® sorbents, Biotage® Mikro plates deliver high analyte recoveries and  cleaner extracts whatever your application.