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The Endeavor Catalyst Screening System is a parallel, multi-reactor synthesizer for fast, effective and simple optimization of pressurized reactions. Parallel reactors and automated control of pressurization, heating and mixing provides rapid assessment of reaction conditions to dramatically increase productivity.

Biotage® Endeavor™ lets you take advantage of parallel chemistry in the screening and optimization of catalytic reactions. The eight small reactors duplicate the environment found in larger autoclave-type reactors, but allow you to work more efficiently.

Using Endeavor to perform multiple experiments in parallel provides several advantages:

  • You save time, increase the speed of discovery and reduce time to market
  • You can experiment with more parameters, gathering more data to better optimize the material or process and improve your patent position
  • You work on a smaller scale to cut costs and save space

With Endeavor, you can perform hydrogenations, carbonylations and polymerizations while assessing the effects of temperature, pressure and solvent on the final products. Endeavor also accelerates screening for selected polymer properties and catalyst effectiveness.

Key Features

Control independent reaction conditions with a simple keypad to program your reaction parameters. It lets you independently control the temperature, pressure and gas delivery for each reactor. It also controls the stirring speed applied across the reactors. Reagents, solvents and co-catalysts can be added manually via a syringe without interrupting the stirring. The reagent addition port has a pressurized check valve that maintains the integrity of the reaction environment. You can choose eight different sets of conditions in one run, or run replicates simultaneously. Endeavor minimizes the run-to-run variance in controlled parameters that you typically encounter with separate experiments.