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Biotage® Atlantis


pressure scale-up workstation Atlantis Single Doors
pressure scale-up workstation Atlantis Six units pressure scale-up workstation Atlantis Six Units Side pressure scale-up workstation atlantis in lab pressure scale-up workstation atlantis reactor

This product was withdrawn on September 30th 2009. 

The Biotage® Atlantis pressure scale-up workstation optimizes gas/liquid and gas/liquid/solid, heterogeneous reactions with live gas consumption monitoring. Process chemists can easily load experiments with push-button hardware and precisely control reactions with simple-designed software.

The Biotage® Atlantis system controls reaction parameters automatically to eliminate sample degradation and in addition, provides concise reaction data reports with live molar uptake rates for better analysis.

Simple Operation

The design is simple and robust. Quickly load and run up to six reactors in parallel with push button control, eliminating alignment and sealing problems. It’s easier than a typical single reactor system. The standard reactor comes in two sizes, 100 mL and 1 L, allowing chemists to configure any number (up to 6) and size reactor (100 ml or 1 L) to best suit their hydrogenation and pressure scale-up needs.

Live Molar Consumption Monitor 

Building on the technology introduced with the Biotage® Endeavor™ reaction screening, Atlantis allows the chemists to quickly follow the reaction progress for each vessel with mole consumption monitoring. This additional data provides each scale-up group with Process Analytical Technology (PAT), giving new and rapid insight into reaction kinetics, selective versus complete reductions and reaction completeness or poisoning. Real-time access to this data allows groups to quickly decide which reaction methods to study and scale-up further.

Independent Control of Each Reaction

Run up to six independent reactions in parallel with the Atlantis system. The modular design means chemists can choose to have unique inlet gasses for each reactor or tee them together for common inlets. Independent temperature control, stirring, pressure control and molar consumption monitoring are all part of each powerful reactor module.

Powerful Software

The Atlantis system provides a simple-to-program Recipe Editor along with basic push-button operation. The system automatically generates a report summary upon completion of the experiment. In addition, for further, detailed data mining the Report Wizard can be used to quickly analyze experiments conducted on the same module or across several modules.