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Biotage® Advancer

Batch Microwave Synthesizer for the Scale-Up of Organic Synthesis

Advancer Kilobatch Front
Advancer Kilobatch Interior Advancer Kilobatch detail

This product was withdrawn on March 3rd 2011.

Biotage® Advancer Kilobatch provides up to 12 hours unattended processing of homogeneous reaction mixtures delivering kilogram quantities of your target compound. In addition, the system will accommodate heterogeneous reactions by processing four sequential cycles (250 mL) to yield a 1 L batch. Through simple solid loading replenishment, kilogram quantities of complex heterogeneous reactions are easily achieved.

Batch format microwave synthesizer

Specifically designed so that methods developed in Biotage lab-scale systems can be safely and predictably transferred to a larger scale without re-optimization. Powerful mechanical stirring (up to 1000 rpm) In addition to homogeneous reactions, the system also supports heterogeneous reactions and the use of solid catalysts, heavy slurries and crystallizing products.

Flash Cooling™

The patent pending, "instant", adiabatic cooling promotes high purity and yield. For example, 200 mL of EtOH can be cooled from 180 °C to 65 °C in just 30 seconds.

Efficient heating

Powerful (0-1200 W) focused magnetron rapidly heats large volumes. Dynamic Field Tuning™ minimizes reflected microwave energy.

Extra vessel entry ports

Allows in-situ sampling during run, addition of reagents (better control of exothermals), or the creation of inert atmospheric conditions. Adaptable for real-time reaction monitoring through e.g. Raman spectroscopy.

Best-in-class safety features

Breech lock closure with pressure release valve and automated safety interlock, ensure maximum operator safety. System pressure control rated up to 20 bar.