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EVOLUTE® SPE Columns and Plates

Advanced Polymer-Based SPE

EVOLUTE® Sample Preparation Products are advanced water-wettable polymer-based sorbents for extracting drugs from biological fluids. Developed specifically for analyte quantification by LC-MS/MS, EVOLUTE sorbents provide a highly effective solution to the problems of ion suppression and matrix effects from dirty extracts. These high performance products allow scientists to use generic methodologies to reduce method development time while producing clean extracts for a wide range of compounds.

  • Available in a range of 96-well plate, column and on-line SPE column formats
  • EVOLUTE® EXPRESS SPE columns eliminate traditional conditioning and equilibration steps, saving time and solvent costs with the fast Load-Wash-Elute procedure
  • EVOLUTE® HYDRO SPE products enable in-situ (in-well) hydrolysis of urine samples, reducing sample handling and improving efficiency


Solid Phase Extraction Evolute CX
650-0010-PX01 four evolute abn columns load wash elute schematic 610-0050-cxg 610-0050-cxg 611-0006-bxg 611-0006-bxg