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Biotage® 1-Point Support™

When your equipment isn’t operating at peak performance or needs repair, your schedule is sacrificed. Biotage 1-Point Support was created to reduce downtime with cost effective support options tailored to fit your priorities.

Do not worry; Biotage 1-Point Support is ready with a dedicated team of fully trained technicians to get you back on schedule. Whether you need parts, maintenance, repair, validation or an upgrade, you can count on Biotage 1-Point Support to quickly and professionally respond to your needs.

Local Biotage Service Centers have the tools, personnel and equipment required to keep your instrument performing at peak operating efficiency. Biotage 1-Point Support engineers, application specialists and support team members attend ongoing, comprehensive technical training to maintain the highest level of product and application knowledge in the industry. Utilizing decades of experience and the most current technical developments, you can rely on Biotage 1-Point Support professionals to keep you on schedule.

Do it right the first time – call Biotage 1-Point Support, the only source for Biotage approved service.

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