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About Biotage

Biotage is a Global Impact Tech Company committed to solving society’s problems. We offer workflow solutions and products to customers in Drug Discovery and Development, Analytical Testing and Water and Environmental Testing.

Biotage is contributing to sustainable science with the goal to make the world healthier, greener and cleaner – HumanKind Unlimited.

Our customers span a broad range of market segments including Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Contract Research and Contract Manufacturers as well as Clinical, Forensic and Academic laboratories in addition to organizations focused on Food safety, Clean water and Environmental sustainability.

Biotage is headquartered in Uppsala in Sweden and employs approx. 500 people worldwide.
The Group had sales of SEK 1,101 million in 2019 and our products are sold in more than 70 countries.

Biotage share (BIOT) is listed in the Mid Cap segment on the NASDAQ Stockholm.

Our Vision

We help shape the sustainable science of tomorrow and our future society for the benefit of humankind.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help our customers to make the world more sustainable, healthier, and cleaner.

How do Our Customers Use Our Products?

Biotage products are used by public authorities, academic institutions, contract research and contract manufacturing organizations, as well as the pharmaceutical and food industries.

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The Biotage products rationalize the workflow of customers and reduce their impact on the environment, for example by using a lower volume of solvents. Customers use Biotage products e.g. in their development of new medicines and to analyze samples from hospital patients, in forensic laboratories, or for the analysis of environmental and food samples. Biotage also offers products to remove undesired substances from, for example, pharmaceuticals during the manufacturing process.

Our Offering

Biotage offers a range of separation and synthesis technologies across the three product areas Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry and Industrial Products to a global market as shown in the graphic below.

organic-chemistry-iconOrganic Chemistry

Products that rationalize the development of pharmaceuticals – the chemical process of creating and purifying substances that will become new medicines.


analytical-chem-iconAnalytical Chemistry

Products that rationalize the analysis of various kinds of samples – patient  samples, forensic samples, environmental and food samples.


scaleup-iconScaleup Products

Products that separate on a large scale substances during the production process – for example, medicines and food.



Where to Find Us

  • Sweden
    • Uppsala, (HQ)
    • Lund
  • UK
    • Cardiff
  • USA
    • Charlotte, NC
    • Salem, NH
    • San Jose, CA
  • India
    • New Dehli
  • China
    • Shanghai
  • Japan
    • Tokyo
    • Osaka
  • Korea
    • Seoul

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Our Story

Biotage history goes back as far as 1969, when a small start-up in Wales pioneered a range of columns and consumables for GC and LC. Through years of acquisitions and merges, that business evolved into what Biotage is today: a global company dedicated to developing high quality products for advancements in life science.

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Thirty Years of Packing Flash Columns

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