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Biotage Goes Direct in Italy

17 July 2017

On July 1st, Biotage expanded its direct sales organization and opened the door to analytical customers in Italy. Account Manager Gianluca Pessoni is added to the Italian team, filling the analytical gap and enabling full support for the entire product range to Italian customers. 


Within the analytical chemistry field, Biotage AB and its Italian distributor StepBio have had a very close relationship for over 10 years supporting and assisting scientists in Italy. In parallel Biotage has been providing direct sales and services for Organic chemists, which has led to a broad understanding of the Italian market.

With the growth of the company and in line with the organization's efforts to provide close customer support, Biotage now starts direct sales of analytical products in Italy. This gives Biotage the opportunity to provide direct sales & service for our analytical customers in Italy with strong focus on local application and service support for our whole product range.

Biotage has developed a strong relationship with StepBio over the years, and would like to take this opportunity to thank the StepBio organization for its excellent service to our customers.

Contact details for Biotage sales, service and support organization in Italy are the following:

Orders and Quotations
+39 02 0068 47 60

+46 18 56 59 11


Gianluca Pessoni
Account Manager, Analytical Chem


Fausto Chiapparini
Account Manager, Organic Chem




Roberto Are
Field Service Engineer




Simonetta Tumbiolo &
Francesca Sciortino
Inside sales