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Automated Fractionation of Extractable Petroleum Hydrocarbons (EPH) in Soil

20 March 2017

This application note describes the operating conditions for the automated fractionation of EPH into aliphatic and PAH fractions using the ISOLUTE® EPH column in conjunction with the Biotage® Extrahera™ automation system.


The principle is similar to the approach taken by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MADEP) and TPH criteria working group (TPHCWG) methods. However, compared to these methods, the ISOLUTE EPH fractionation column has been significantly reduced in size and the sorbent has been optimized. This allows an automation-compatible method of fractionation which overcomes the common problem of PAH breakthrough into the aliphatic fraction, in addition to reduced solvent volumes. 24 samples can be fractionated in approximately 42 mins.

ISOLUTE® EPH SPE columns and associated methodologies have been optimized to efficiently fractionate EPHs into aliphatic and polycyclic aromatic (PAH) fractions  (C8–C40 aliphatics, C10–C22 aromatics).

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Aliphatics: C8-C40
  • octane
  • decane
  • dodecane
  • tetradecane
  • hexadecane
  • octadecane
  • eicosane
  • docosane
  • tetracosane
  • hexacosane
  • octacosane
  • triacontane
  • dotriacontane
  • tetratriacontane
  • hexatriacontane
  • octatriacontane
  • tetracontane
  • dotriacontane
  • tetratriacontane
  • hexatriacontane
  • octatriacontane
  • tetracontane
Aromatics: C10-C22
  • naphthalene
  • acenaphthalene
  • acenaphthene
  • fluorene
  • phenanthrene
  • anthracene
  • fluoranthene
  • pyrene
  • benz(a)anthracene
  • chrysene
  • benzo(b)fluoranthene
  • benzo(k)fluoranthene
  • benzo(a)pyrene
  • indeno(123,c,d)pyrene
  • dibenz(ah)anthracene
  • benzo(ghi)perylene

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