How can I rapidly remediate THC from CBD in my hemp extract using flash column chromatography?

Tetrahydrocannabinol, aka THC, is a hallucinogen found in cannabis and, to a lesser degree, in hemp.  Though THC is legal in some locations in the US and Canada, there is a growing market for its non-hallucinogenic cousin, cannabidiol (CBD), which has purported medical benefits.

The problem with isolating CBD from cannabis and hemp is contamination from THC, which is typically present at a moderate to high percentage. In this post, I will provide some insight into rapidly purifying CBD to remove THC.

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Cannabis extract purification using orthogonal flash column chromatography

For some cannabis-based product developers reversed-phase chromatography has become the analytical tool of choice for determining the extract content profile as well as for purification of specific cannabinoid compounds. However, the extracts often contain many other compounds which reduce load capacity and purity of the product(s) of interest and then require even more extensive clean-up.

In this post I show the results of an orthogonal flash purification approach that first uses normal-phase flash column chromatography to clean up the crude cannabis extract followed by reversed-phase C18 flash chromatography of the isolated target compounds.  This orthogonal approach to purification increases the targeted product’s purity.

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