Six key factors that impact flash chromatography

In this post I will delve into six key factors that impact your purification success in flash column chromatography.

Previously, I have discussed the use of TLC for solvent scouting and method development and optimization. I have have also talked about cartridge size, particle size, and surface area and their impact on flash purification.  Here I integrate that information into the six factors below.

Find out the six here!

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Bob Bickler

Technical Specialist, Biotage

2 thoughts on “Six key factors that impact flash chromatography”

  1. Hii Bob!!

    I think you should talk about what we can do to improve our yields. How column loading and flow rates can affect our yields. If we have a gradient giving us good separation how do we decide the optimum flow rate and column loading to get the best yield.


    1. Hi Shailja,

      Thank you for your post suggestion! Improving yields is always desirable with preparative chromatography and there are a few ways in which this can be accomplished starting with performing TLC with different solvents to find the optimal separation conditions. I did publish a few posts on using TLC for method development and optimization and another called “Pushing flash chromatography loading limits” which I believe will provide some more insight to improving flash purification yield.


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