Why Reusing Flash Cartridges is Bad Science

For many chemists lab budgets, especially for consumable items, are limited.  One way of trying to stretch their lab budget is to reuse disposable flash chromatography cartridges.

In this post I will show how regardless of the cartridge brand used, repeated use of silica flash cartridges results in loss of compound resolution and fraction purity.

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Scaling up reversed Phase Flash Purification

Every chemist has been taught how to use and deal with glass columns in schools, so they have fundamental background experience. But unlike traditional normal phase flash, many chemists have little experience of dealing with reversed phase, and especially reversed phase flash. Continue reading Scaling up reversed Phase Flash Purification

Overcoming UV-Absorbing Mobile Phases

The UV absorption spectrum of some solvents overlaps with the product they dissolve, meaning that fraction collection processes cannot distinguish between solvent and product. The phenomenon, especially when applied to mobile phase gradients, can also result in drifting baselines and, in a worst case, swamp the sample out completely. Luckily, there is technology that solves this problem.

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