Can reversed-phase flash chromatography purify better than normal-phase?

The answer to this question is yes, reversed-phase can sometimes provide a better separation and thus better purification than normal-phase.  When is reversed-phase likely to be the better choice is a different, and likely better, question.

In this post I will try to demonstrate when reversed-phase is likely the better purification mode.

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Bob Bickler

Technical Specialist, Biotage

One thought on “Can reversed-phase flash chromatography purify better than normal-phase?”

  1. Hello Bob
    I am lucky to have access to both normal phase and reverse phase flash and simply use whichever one is most appropriate for my sample. Normal phase is more attractive because it is so much easier to evaporate and reverse phase fractions tend to go on the freeze drier overnight but that’s not much of a hardship. On a large scale normal phase would be much more convenient but in reality most of my work involves about 200mg of material so I can use either technique.


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